Saturday, 7 January 2012

Tuscan Street Portraits - With Caroline Ros and Corrine Piccolo

So Back In October I was fortunate to be in Tuscany on a fab workshop, organised by Chris Hanley and Damien Lovegrove.

I love Italy having spent four summers there a few years ago beore setting up the photography business. I jumped at the chance to be one of 12 fortunate photographers to take part.

I have followed Damien and his work for sometime, having specialised in Weddings for the past 5 years, I have always noted how similar we are to our approach to directing models and clients while photographing them.  But this time Damien was shooting Feminine Bueaty, a new avenue for me and in another blog you will see more of this genre. I prefer it from Boudior, it has a much classier feel about it and more suited to my style an approach.

As for Chris Hanley, I'd loved his work from the first time Id seen it. He really is a master at Cherish The Dress shoots and has a great eye for lighting, couple this togther with the stunning beauty of rustic buildings and the streets become amazing locations and everyday itmes make great posing props!

Below are a mix of images that I have just received back from Marko Nurminen, he really is a great Photo Editor, he has brought so much detail and colour out of my images, I love the images of Corrine especially the depth he has brought out during the editing and the richness of light and shade.

Feel free to add comments! I had a great time, and the models have become great friends too!

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