Thursday, 1 May 2014

Jenni and Scott's Very Local Wedding! Farm, Church, Parish Hall! Modbury South Devon 11th April 2014

What a beautifully Simple Wedding!

Scott and Jenni's Wedding was such a fun packed day. From Jenni getting ready at the family farm house, to meeting up with the men at the Church in Modbury where Scotts family have lived for generations.

Lots of very personal touches. The church flowers were home grown and created using Tin cans! And Jenni even made all of the Ties for the Grooms Men! The Hair was done at home by Jenni's Mum and youngest sister. the wedding car was supplied by a friend and neighbour. This historic Rolls Royce was owned by the legendary Actor Sir John Mills.

I wanted to capture the relaxed feel of the day and use some of the Landmarks around Modbury too. We had a little trip to the Gate Lodge at the nearby Flete Estate, having knocked on the door for several days, this time the owners were there! And the amazing Cherry Tree images were taken at Palm Cross Green in Modbury, a triangle of land on the very busy A379! But who'd know looking at the photos.

The reception was held in the Parish Hall, cleverly lined with a Marquee Lining and Bunting. And we even managed to go out on the swings in the evening sun!

What a fab day!

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